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A&J Flooring kitchen & bath remodeling will make your home more comfortable and increase its market value

There have been major changes in the way kitchens & bathrooms look and function, and many benefits to be derived from kitchen & bath remodeling.

A&J Flooring knows all too well that cabinets, tubs and floors won’t last homeowners forever, so a kitchen & bath remodeling project may be needed.If any of those items in your home have seen better days, this may be a good time for a major upgrade by kitchen & bath remodeling.Make your kitchen and bathroom more comfortable and start enjoying all the exciting new functions that appliances today provide.

First kitchen remodeling

Let’s start in your kitchen. Guests always seem to enjoy gathering in the kitchen area, so as the host, you want to be proud of your eye-stopping new kitchen. There are endless possibilities for kitchen remodeling. The amount of space you have will be important to determine what can be done and what cannot. You should also begin thinking about what appliances, cabinets or accessories you want to keep, and which ones you want to replace with new models. So, the first decision you face is what stays and what has to go. When you get to choosing a color theme or motif, they should directly relate to your preferred style.

  • Kitchen cabinets: Choosing the right cabinet can have a great influence on how your kitchen looks. The texture, color and design will all play a role in how it all ties together.Even picking out the right accessories such as the knobs and pull drawers, will add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Kitchen countertops: The styles and trends for countertops have changed quite dramatically over the last several years. Today, eco-friendly countertops as well as the old time favorites of granite and quartz are still popular. A more recent trend is toward composite countertops that inhibit the growth of bacteria and are resistant to scratches, heat and stains.
Granite countertops are extremely durable and require low maintenance, which makes them a favorite in many homes. Granite countertops are unique and give you plenty of options in terms of colors. Engineered stone countertops are your best choice if you wish a more contemporary look.This type of countertop is comprised of 93 percent quartz and is scratch, stain and heat resistant as well. Butcher block countertops have long been favorites and still are because they are an ideal place to cut edibles and prepare meals. Finally, there are also the new laminate countertops that give you a less expensive option compared to the others. They are low maintenance, but are not heat resistant and can get beat up quite easily.

Next bath remodeling

The bathroom upgrades, much like the kitchen, depend on how much space is available. If you have a small bathroom, the smallest change can make a considerable difference. A shallow new medicine cabinet can provide just the right amount of storage. Another small upgrade you can make is by updating to new lighting fixtures.

If room permits it, adding a second sink to the bathroom vanity is a beautiful upgrade, especially for those who have multiple people fighting over the sink every weekday morning. A new tub or shower is generally a simple upgrade.Choose a pre-made design or let the professionals at A&J Flooring Outlet fabricate a custom shower specifically for your home.

A&J Flooring Outlet proudly serves Turnersville, Glassboro, Williamstown, Sicklerville and other New Jersey communities. Call us to set up an appointment to discuss your kitchen & bath remodeling needs, or stop by in person at our showroom in Turnersville, NJ.

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