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Carpet offers an excellent flooring experience for every homeowner who has it installed. From an elegant and soft underfoot feel to amazing benefits you’ll have to experience to believe, this is a floor covering that truly serves you well. What’s more, you’ll have appearance options that allow you to cater to the unique and specific interior decor you already have in place. Gorgeous solid colors and amazing patterns and designs are available with great variety so you’re sure to find exactly what you want and need in a floor covering.

At A&J Flooring Outlet, we offer an excellent selection of materials you can choose from, along with superb services that breathe life into any project, big or small. For more than 30 years, our family owned and operated flooring business has dedicated ourselves to the satisfaction of our customers. We’ll make sure you have the perfect flooring for your needs and the services to bring it to an amazing completion. From our showroom in Turnersville, NJ, we serve the communities of Williamstown, Sicklerville, and Glassboro. We’d love for you to take the time to visit us when you’re in the area and allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

Carpet brings out the best in your home

The underfoot softness found in carpet isn’t just appreciated by the residents of the home, but by everyone who visits. In welcoming areas like entries and living rooms, it can be a wonderful way to greet guests. At the same time, a warm and inviting appearance can be just as special. These are age-old benefits of this floor covering and are the characteristics most homeowners think of first when the material is mentioned. The truth is, however, there are many more benefits that can make this an appealing choice for many homeowners.

The same fibers that add character and softness to your floors also acts as another layer of insulation, along with its underpadding. This allows your home to retain more heat, keeping your family more cozy and comfortable, even in bare feet. The best part is seeing that reflected in your energy bills, as this can save you money over the winter months.

Some other great benefits you can expect from carpet, depending on the manufacturer and brand you choose, are noise reduction, stain resistance, excellent durability, and hypoallergenic fibers. Your flooring specialist can discuss each one in greater detail when you visit our showroom.

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